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Project Background

The Organic Waste Treatment Facilities (OWTF) Phase I development (hereinafter referred to as “the Project’) is to design, construct and operate a biological treatment facility with a capacity of about 200 tonnes per day and convert source-separated organic waste from commercial and industrial sectors (mostly food waste) into compost and biogas through proven biological treatment technologies. The Project Site is located at Siu Ho Wan in North Lantau with an area of about 2 hectares.

The environmental acceptability of the construction and operation of the Project had been confirmed by findings of the associated Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study completed in 2009. The Director of Environmental Protection approved this EIA Report under the Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance (EIAO) (Cap. 499) in February 2010 (Register No.: AEIAR-149/2010) (hereafter referred to as the approved EIA Report). Subsequent Report on Re-assessment on Environmental Implications and Report on Re-assessment on Hazard to Life Implications were completed in 2013, respectively.

An Environmental Permit (EP) (No. EP-395/2010) was issued by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) to the EPD, the Permit Holder, on 21 June 2010 and varied on 18 March 2013 (No. EP-395/2010/A) and 21 May 2013 (No. EP-395/2010/B), respectively. The Design Build and Operate Contract for the OWTF (Contract No. EP/SP/61/10 Organic Waste Treatment Facilities Phase I (the Contract)) was awarded to SITA Waste Services Limited, ATAL Engineering Limited and Ros-Roca, Sociedad Anonima jointly trading as the OSCAR Bioenergy Joint Venture (OSCAR or the Contractor). A Further EP (No. FEP-01/395/2010/B) was issued by the EPD to the OSCAR on 16 February 2015.

Under the requirements of Condition 5 of the EP (No. FEP-01/395/2010/B), an EM&A programme as set out in the Manual is required to be implemented. This website contains environmental monitoring data and Project information including the Project Profile, EIA report, Environmental Permit(s) and finalized submissions and plans required under the Permit. hfhf


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